Night Council Studio is an independent video game developer based in Spain. We have manyversatile profiles with us to cultivate a big picture for the creation of our works.

Developers, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, voiceover artists, and music composers. We arenot like your usual studio. Think about us like a coven or an old cabal. We are a forbidden esotericorder beneath the shadows with the sneakiest purposes.

Yes, we are a dark organization committed to summoning ancient terrors. Of course, we relish thesacred art of storytelling.

Atlas Negro: Infernum will be the first of our rituals..




August 11, 2022

Infernum Diaries (1) – Welcome

Welcome to the first development diary for Black Atlas: Infernum, where the Night Council Studio team will tell you the ins and outs and production secrets. […]
August 11, 2022

Infernum Diaries (2) – Rising

If you are reading these lines, thank you… Thank you for being there, with us, and silently supporting (or not) this slow crusade. We are architects […]


Atlas Negro - Icono

Riddles, suicide letters and wayward spectres wait for you at the world’s end, where the laws ofphysics are upside down. We welcome you to Atlas Negro: Infernum, a first-person survival horror focused on the narrative experience. The horror podcast Noviembre Nocturno’s voice will accompany harass you as you descend towards the hells.

Atlas Negro - Icono

Atlas Negro is not just literature but multiplatform storytelling. Most chapters and short stories havebeen adapted to audio episodes of the Spanish podcast Noviembre Nocturno, one of the most influential in fantasy, terror and science fiction. From the colossal “Umbra” storms to the “Imprints”, humanoid spectra of unknown origin, Atlas Negro: Infernum is a journey throughout the abysses of the soul in a world in flames. It won’t be enough to open locked doors on your way while Deathchases you; you will also have to break through the walls of your mind.